It Was Alright, Even If the Car Didn’t Run

(“Kuruma wa hashiranakutemo yokatta”)
Director: OKI Chieko

2002 Japanese with English simulcast Color Video 10 min

Photography: OKI Chieko
Editing: OKI Chieko
Narrator: OKI Chieko
  International Sales: Oki Chieko
Fax: 81-29-872-0224
E-mail: kichies_0414@yahoo.ne.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2003

[Synopsis] My dad found the car in a rice field. Until now it was just parked there at our house. Its exact origin unknown, this car was disliked by everyone in the family. But when dad suddenly announced he was selling the car, the way the family spoke out on behalf of dad and the car was quite unexpected. The family was kinder than I had thought.

OKI Chieko

Born in 1980. Graduated in Media Arts Studies from the Department of Informatique Designs at Tohoku University of Art & Design. Currently studying at the Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image.