Daughter from Yan’an

(“Yan’an no musume”)
Director: IKEYA Kaoru

2002 Chinese Subtitled in English Color Hi-Def, 35mm 120 min

Production Company: NHK, NHK Enterprises 21, Ren Universe
Producer: KITAGAWA Satoshi, KWONG Yang Ja
Photography: FUKUI Masaharu
Editing: YOSHIOKA Masaharu
Music: San-Bao
Sound: SUZUKI Masami (location)
  International Sales: Media International Corporation
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E-mail: kiriyama@micojapan.com

[Festivals and prizes] Berlin (Forum) 2002, Karlovy Vary (Doc Comp) 2002, Montreal 2002, Hong Kong 2003, Singapore 2003, Yamagata IDFF 2003, and others.

[Synopsis] Japanese documentary made for HD-TV about the untold scars of the Cultural Revolution in China.
Haixia lives in a rural village in Yan’an, China, a region famous for the yellow highlands. She is searching for her birth parents who abandoned her at birth. All she knows is that they were former Red Guards “sent down” from Beijing during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Huang Yuling is a lonely man of the same generation. He tries to help reunite Haixia with her parents, pained by his own experiences: During his “re-education” in the countryside, his girlfriend was forced to have an abortion, and he was renounced as a counter-revolutionary. 30 years later, Yuling takes Haixia to Beijing to meet her real father.


Born 1958 in Tokyo. Studied philosophy of fine art at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Started his career as a director of TV documentaries. Consistently focused on China, especially after 1989 when the Tien’anmen incident occurred. Major works include: One-child Policy in China, Head West for Golden Dreams, and Yan’an: Yellow Soil and the New Reality (Golden Nymph from the Monte Carlo International TV Festival). Founded the production company, Ren Universe in 1997. Daughter from Yan’an is his first feature length documentary.