Now, Where, To?

(“Tsugi, doko, iku?”)
Director: SHIRAKAWA Toshihiro

2001 Japanese Subtitled in English Color Video 43 min

Production Company:
Producer: SHIRAKAWA Toshihiro
Photography: SHIRAKAWA Toshihiro
Editing: SHIRAKAWA Toshihiro
Sound: SHIRAKAWA Toshihiro
  Contact: Shirakawa Toshihiro
E-mail: shirakawa@big-ring.net
URL: www.big-ring.net/video/

[Festivals and prizes] Image Forum Festival 2002 (Grand Prix), Vancouver 2002, Rotterdam 2003, Frankfurt Nippon Connection 2003

[Synopsis] A personal memorandum about time and space, with stirring images of ruins and aging.
The father is a welder, a factory worker. The mother is a home keeper, warm but ailing. A sketch of their everyday life at home in their factory’s housing complex. Images of ruins and deserted company apartments reveal Japan’s shift from heavy to light industry. Straight-backed portraits of father and mother. Against blue skies in an open window, the filmmaker and his girlfriend are young and vibrantly alive.


Born 1972 in Kagawa. Graduated from Kansai University in 1995. Moved to Okinawa in summer 2001. Filmography includes: -nik, The Bridge.