Danchizake (Homemade Sake)

Director: ONO Satoshi

2001 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 49 min

Production Company:
Photography: ONO Satoshi
Editing: SHIMADA Takeshi
Sound: ONO Satoshi
  International Sales: Ono Satoshi
5-5-12-503 Yokodai, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 235-0045 JAPAN
Phone: 81-45-832-9007
Fax: 81-45-711-1344
E-mail: ono_satoshi31@hotmail.com

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2001, Nyon 2002, Marseilles 2002

[Synopsis] Subdued portrait of a fragmented family by a young first-time filmmaker.
The director lives with his father in a public housing complex. The director’s father, a painter, brews sake in plastic bottles. The camera follows each step in the monotonous process, from measuring, washing and cooking the rice, to adding malt and sake lees before leaving the mixture to ferment. The director then interviews his mother, who has left the family to live by herself. She speaks candidly about her romance with her husband and also the family finances. We see the invisible ties within this fragmented family, interspliced with glimpses of a taciturn father who paints alone in his room. This is 24-year-old Ono’s graduation piece for the Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image.

ONO Satoshi

Born in Yokohama in 1977. After graduating from Rissho University, where he studied psychology, studied filmmaking at the Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image. Danchizake (Homemade Sake) is his graduation piece, and received an award at the screening of the 2001 graduation works. Currently still a student in the Higher Study Course at Image Forum.