On the Way

Director: CHOI Jae-eun

2000 English, German, Japanese, Korean Subtitled in English / Japanese Color, B&W 35mm 70 min

Production Company: Studio Choi Jae-eun
Producer: CHOI Jae-eun
Photography: Hans ROMBACH
Editing: CHOI Jae-eun
Music: HOSONO Haruomi, MAKABE Hisaya
Text: NAKAMURA Keiko, CHOI Jae-eun
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URL: www.jae-eun-choi.com

[Festivals and prizes] Jeonju 2002, Locarno 2002, Montreal 2002, Hawaii 2002

[Synopsis] Renowned international artist’s first film reflecting on the theme of humanity and closed borders.
Shot in Auschwitz, the site of the former Nazi concentration camp, Panmunjom, the joint security area on the border between North and South Korea, and Berlin, where the Wall stood until 1989, the film is a docu-drama following the travels of an old man as he remembers the past and reflects on the violent history of the 20th Century. Meanwhile, lush images of the flowers and trees flourishing in the ruins of Auschwitz and the Berlin Wall celebrate the natural world and its symbiotic nature. Features Hosono and Makabe’s music, and biologist and author Nakamura Keiko’s text.

CHOI Jae-eun

Born in 1953 in Seoul, Korea. Moved to Japan in 1976 to study at the Sogetsu School under Teshigahara Hiroshi. First solo exhibition in 1984 at the prestigious Sogetsu Gallery. Continues artwork that transcends the traditional boundaries of sculpture, architecture and installation in places around the world, including Japan, Korea, and Italy. Works include: “Grand Tea Ceremony in Paris” (1993, UNESCO headquarters, Paris), “Recycle Art Pavilion” (1992-3, Taejon, Korea), Representative of Japan Pavilion (1995, Venice Biennale), “World Underground Project” (1986-ongoing, various countries).