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2017-02-16 | The Cats of Mirikitani (Special Edition) Screenings Go Nationwide

Remember Jimmy Mirikitani and his cats from the 2006 documentary? Ten years from its theatrical release, it’s back, accompanied by a new short by producer/cameraman Masa. You get to see We Remember Mirikitani (the short) together with The Cats of Mirikitani in a special edition package, which is now shown nationwide.

The Cats of Mirikitani
Dir: Linda Hattendorf / USA / 2006 / 74 min / YIDFF 2007 YIDFF Network Special Screenings

We Remember Mirikitani
Dir: Masa / Japan / 2016 / 21 min

Take a trip through time with Jimmy Mirikitani. Seeing his paintings and photographs, hearing testimonies from the people around him, we uncover the man’s unknown personal history. His work was included in “The Art of Gaman”—a traveling exhibition highlighting art and craft objects made by incarcerated Japanese Americans in wartime concentration camps. The show toured across America and Japan.

February 4 (Sat) –17 (Fri) 19:00
[Venue] Pole Pole Higashinakano (Tokyo)

March 11 (Sat) –17 (Fri) 11:35
March 18 (Sat) –24 (Fri) 11:35, 19:15
March 25 (Sat) –31 (Fri) 15:25
[Venue] Rissei Cinema (Kyoto City)

April 22 (Sat) –26 (Wed), 28 (Fri) 13:00
[Venue] Hita Liberté (Hita City, Oita)

May 13 (Sat) –19 (Fri)
[Venue] Gardens’ Cinema (Kagoshima City)

May 20 (Sat) –26 (Fri)
[Venue] KBC Cinema (Fukuoka City)

May 28 (Sun) 13:00
[Venue] Japanese Overseas Migration Museum (Yokohama City)
August 12 (Sat) –18 (Fri)
[Venue] Yokohama Cinemarine (Yokohama City)

August 5 (Sat) –11 (Fri)
[Venue] Beppu Blue Bird (Beppu City, Oita)

September 30 (Sat) –October 6 (Fri)
[Venue] Sakurai Yakkyoku Central Hall (Sendai City)

November 2 (Thu) 15:10
November 4 (Sat) 12:20
[Venue] Kawasaki Art Center (Kawasaki City)

November 8 (Wed) 19:00
[Venue] Sapporo-shi Tokeidai (Sapporo City)
November 18 (Sat) 18:30
[Venue] Hishigata Bunko (Sapporo City)
November 19 (Sun) 10:20, 12:45, 15:10
[Venue] Sapporo-shi Shiryokan (Sapporo City)

November 26 (Sun) 13:00
[Venue] Yokogawa Cinema (Hiroshima City)

February 10 (Sat) –16 (Fri)
[Venue] Toyooka Gekijo (Toyooka City, Hyogo)

March 25 (Sun) 10:00
[Venue] Okurayama Memorial Hall (Yokohama City)

For more information The Cats of Mirikitani website (in Japanese)