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2016-06-18 | Hokaibito—Ina no Seigetsu: Screenings & Talk Shows

Inoue Seigetsu is a haikai poet from the late Edo to Meiji eras (straddling 1868, when the feudal system was replaced by imperial rule and modernization), who dropped his respected status as a samurai to wander about for 30 years in the Ina Valley of Nagano prefecture. Seigetsu was greatly influenced by Matsuo Basho of Narrow Road to the Interior fame, and followed what Basho upheld as a lifestyle “making travel one’s abode.” He wrote over 1800 haiku and left them with households who hosted him. Filmmaker Kitamura Minao who embodies an extraordinary empathy to Seigetsu takes off on a journey in the poet’s footsteps, with the accompaniment of the remarkable dancer Tanaka Min.

This is your opportunity to experience a film that travels with Seigetsu, at the Basho Memorial in Yamagata, the birthplace of so many of Basho’s haiku.

Hokaibito—Ina no Seigetsu
Dir: Kitamura Minao / Starring: Tanaka Min / Narrated by Kiki Kirin / JAPAN / 2011 / Blu-ray / 119 min

The 23rd Yamadera Basho Museum Cultural Seminar “Culture of the Edo Period and Japanese People”
July 23 (Sat)
Talk session with director Kitamura Minao and actor/dancer Tanaka Min

[Venue] Yamadera Basho Museum (Yamadera, Yamagata City)
[Admission] Advanced ticket:1,000 yen (for 120 seats only)
[Presented by] Yamadera Basho Museum
[Supported by] The Board of Education, Yamagata City, YIDFF (NPO)
[Contact] phone: 023-695-2221 (Yamadera Basho Museum)

Forum Yamagata
July 24 (Sun) 9:30
There will be a talk session with director Kitamura Minao and actor/dancer Tanaka Min after the show.

[Venue] Forum Yamagata (Yamagata City)
[Admission] Door ticket: 1,500 yen / Advanced ticket: 1,100 yen (available at the theater only)
[Presented by] Production Committee for “A Voiceless Cry”
[Contact] phone: 070-6953-3517 (Takahashi)