2014-08-20 | YIDFF 2015 Preliminary Event 2
“An Array of Comedy Masterpieces”

Amusing comic films of the 1950s and comedy masterpieces directed by Morisaki Azuma and Okamoto Kihachi will be back on the big screen in Yamagata! Well-known comic actor Morishige Hisaya and many other great actors/actresses were at their best. Only 500 yen (one coin) for all four films, don’t miss it!

YIDFF 2015 Preliminary Event 2
“An Array of Comedy Masterpieces”

September 13 (Sat)  
Honjitsu kyushin
Dir: Shibuya Minoru / JAPAN / 1952 / 35mm / 97 min
Ekimae ryokan
Dir: Toyoda Shiro / JAPAN / 1958 / 35mm / 109 min

September 14 (Sun)  
Kigeki—Onna wa otoko no furusato yo
Dir: Morisaki Azuma / JAPAN / 1971 / 35mm / 90 min
Dir: Okamoto Kihachi / JAPAN / 1991 / 35mm / 120 min
Yamagata Central Public Hall (AZ Nanoka-machi)
dvanced ticket: 500 yen for all 4 programs / A day ticket: 700 yen
Children under 6 years old: Free
[Presented by]
Yamagata City “Yushu eiga kansho suishin jigyo” Committee, Yamagata City Central Public Hall, Agency for Cultural Affairs, National Film Center
[Sponsored by]
Shochiku Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
[Supported by]
Yamagata City Art and Culture Association, Yamagata-ken Kogyo Seikatsu Eisei Dogyo Kumiai, Yamagata City Federation of the Club of the Aged, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (NPO)
phone: 023-623-2150 (Yamagata City Central Public Hall)