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2013-11-15 | Food and Lifestyle Film Festival

November 2 (Sat)–15 (Fri)
Venetia’s Garden
November 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun)
Food, INC.
November 18 (Mon), 19 (Tue)
The World According to Monsanto (Le monde selon Monsanto)
November 20 (Wed), 21 (Thu)
Our Daily Bread
November 23 (Sat)–29 (Fri)
All of Us Guinea-Pigs Now? (Tous Cobayes?)
November 23 (Sat)–29 (Fri)
Reviving Recipes

* Please check the festival’s time schedule and admission. (in Japanese)

Forum Yamagata
[Presented by]
Seikatsu Club COOP Yamagata, NPO Platform, “Reviving Recipes” Production Committee, Forum Yamagata

For more information Forum Yamagata website: “Food and Lifestyle Film Festival” (in Japanese)