2013-06-17 | YIDFF 2013 Preliminary Event in Yamagata:
Ogawa Shinsuke Retrospective—“Harvesting Yamagata”

- Why has a documentary film festival been held in Yamagata?—About 40 years ago, legendary documentarist Ogawa Shinsuke and his production moved to Magino village, Kaminoyama in Yamagata. They started a farming life and created late masterpieces such as A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura and Magino Village—A Tale. Ogawa’s presence in Magino also inspired Yamagata citizens to hold an international documentary film festival by themselves in this rural city. His love for ordinary people struggling in daily lives has still been the core principle of YIDFF, while Ogawa pro works have so far influenced many ambitious documentarists in and outside Japan.

As a preliminary event for upcoming YIDFF 2013, we’ll hold a special screening event featuring Ogawa works, especially focusing on their Yamagata films from 1970s.

YIDFF 2013 Preliminary Event in Yamagata:
Ogawa Shinsuke Retrospective—“Harvesting Yamagata”

July 27 (Sat)  
Interview at Clean Center
Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / 1975 / 16mm / 57 min
Magino Story—Pass
Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / 1977 / 16mm / 43 min
A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura
Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / 1982 / 16mm / 210 min

July 28 (Sun)  
Magino Story—Raising Silkworms
Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / 1977 / 16mm / 112 min
Hare To Ke
Dir: Regina Ulwer / WEST GERMANY / 1988 / 16mm / 88 min
Special Talks: “Days We Spent with Ogawa Productions”
with Kimura Michio and former Ogawa Pro member Iizuka Toshio
(Admission Free)
Magino Village—A Tale
Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / 1986 / 16mm / 222 min

Source: The Film School of Tokyo, Image Forum & Daguerreo Press

Yugakukan Hall (1-2-36 Midori-cho, Yamagata City)
Advanced Ticket: 800 yen per one film, 2,000 yen for 3 films, 2,900 yen for free pass
Day ticket: 1,000 yen per one film, 2,800 yen for 3 films
Ticket Sales: Hachimonji-ya Pool, Juji-ya Department Store, Yamagata Documentary Film Library, YIDFF Yamagata Office
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phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata office)