Other Screenings

2009-10-02 | Avi Mograbi Retrospective

Held in conjunction with the premiere screening of Mograbi's new film, "Z32" at YIDFF 2009.

October 2 (Fri), 3 (Sat)
Films: Detailes 11,12,13; Aout (avant l’explosion); Wait, it’s the Soldiers, I have to hang up now; Comment j’ai appris a surmonter ma peur et a aimer Arik Sharon; Pour un seul de mes deux yeux; Deportation; Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi; Relief; At the Back
Guests: Avi Mograbi, Murayama Kyoichiro, Laurent Ghnassia

[Venue] Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo
General 1,000 yen, Members 500 yen
[Contact] phone: 81-3-5206-2500 (Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo)

For more information Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo website: Avi Mograbi Retrospective (in French)


2009-10-02 | Contre le cinema—Retrospective Guy Debord (Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo)

Following the YIDFF 2009. the retrospective travels to Tokyo.

October 17 (Sat)
Guy Debord: His Art and His Time
Howls for Sade
On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time
Critique of Separation
Lecture: Kinoshita Makoto

October 18 (Sun)
Refutation of All Judgments, Whether in Praise or Hostile, Thus Far Rendered on the Film “The Society of the Spectacle”
Lecture: Philippe Azoury
In girum imus nocte et consummur igni (We Spin Around the Night Consumed by the Fire)
Sumposium: Hirose Jun, Fujiwara Teppei, Oda Masanori, Philippe Azoury

[Venue] Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo
General 1,500 yen, Members 1,000 yen
[Contact] phone: 81-3-5206-2500 (Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo)