2007-01-23 | The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (February–March)

Screenings at the Yamagata Documentary Film Library present documentaries and movies rarely shown on television or in theaters, including works from the Film Library vaults.

The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater

Discover Naruse Mikio! —The Eve
February 9 (Fri) 14:00, 19:00 (screens twice)
Whistling in Kotan (“Kotan no kuchibue ”)
Dir: Naruse Mikio / JAPAN / 1959 / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 126 min

Hashimoto Shinobu wrote the script based on Ishimori Nobuo’s original story, which won prizes including the first Mimei Literature Award. Depicts an Ainu girl and her younger brother living in a Hokkaido kotan (Ainu village), as they overcome discrimination and poverty. (Please be aware that the film has faded with age.)

Discover Takamine Hideko!
February 23 (Fri) 14:00, 19:00 (screens twice)
Distant Clouds (“Tooi kumo”)
Dir: Kinoshita Keisuke / JAPAN / 1955 / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 99 min

Set in beautiful Hida Takayama, this subdued, grown-up world is portrayed by an all-star cast: Takamine Hideko, who married into a distinguished household but is now widowed; Sada Keiji, the brother-in-law who harbors a quiet affection for Takamine; and Takamine’s first love, Tamura Takahiro.

March 9 (Fri) 14:00, 18:00 (screens twice)
Diaries, Notes & Sketches also known as Walden
Dir: Jonas Mekas / 1988 / 16mm / 175 min

March 16 (Fri) 14:00, 19:00 (program screens twice)
Paradise Not Yet Lost, or Oona’s Third Year
Dir: Jonas Mekas / 1979 / 16mm / 90 min
On my way to Fujiyama, I saw . . .
Dir: Jonas Mekas / 1996 / 16mm / 24 min

[Venue] The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library (Yamagata Big Wing 3F)
[Admission] Free for Tomonokai members. (Membership fee: 1,000 yen for six months)
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata office)