Other Events

2003-07-23 | Documentary Production Workshop with Director Hartmut Bitomsky

This ten-day documentary production workshop will be taught by Hartmut Bitomsky, documentary prodigy and head of the jury at YIDFF 2001, whose B-52 was released this year to critical acclaim. Seven other instructors including director Koguchi Utako will also instruct this workshop.

Participants will be divided into three-person groups, which will each produce a short documentary themed on Tokyo, do preliminary research, examine various documentary masterpieces that have captured “a city,” and experience photography, editing, and all other aspects of documentary production. Completed works will ultimately be compiled into a ten-chapter omnibus documentary that will be screened at the Athenee Francais Cultural Center.

August 10 (Sunday) 20 (Wednesday)
Waseda University STEP21 Bldg. (Tokyo, Nishi-Waseda)
Art and Architecture School of Waseda University, Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University
03-5272-4599 (Waseda University Arts School Spatial Imagery Faculty Teachers’ Room, from 15:30)