Other Screenings

2003-06-24 | Gaia Symphony No. 1 Screening

An omnibus film focusing on six people, including mountaineer Reinholds Messner and singer Enya, and based on the theme of “myself in the world, and the world in myself.” The screening also features a talk by Tenge Shiro, one of the developers involved in creating the cutting edge technology behind Sony’s AIBO and other humanoid robots.

July 5 (Saturday)
13:20 Mr. Tenge Shiro Talk
14:30 Gaia Symphony No. 1 Tatsumura Jin / 1992 / 130 min

Yamagata Big Wing 2F
Advance tickets (adult): 2,500 yen
Door sales (adult): 3,000 yen
Junior high school students and under: 1,500 yen
phone: 070-5097-4103 (Sato), 023-641-1788 (Takanashi) or 090-2364-7644 (Saito)