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2003-06-12 | Art Animation at KURA Obihachi

Yamagata City is a somewhat rare place in Japan, as it managed to avoid damage from WWII and is also rarely troubled by natural disasters. As a result around 400 old warehouses, kura, remain within the city today. Over 100 can be found in close proximity in the central city area alone. One of those warehouses, Kura Obihachi, will become the venue for this special omnibus screening of art animation, which includes new works from animator Aihara Nobuhiro and graphic designer Tanaami Keiichi. Furthermore, Agata Morio, soundtrack composer for Fetish Doll, will be giving a special mini-concert. Don’t miss it!

Art Animation at KURA Obihachi

July 5 (Saturday)
19:00 Screenings
Commercial War, Yamakagashi, Powdered Blade (“Oshiroi Hane”), Good-by Marilyn, Stone, Kage, Oh! Yoko!, The Third Eye, Wind, Scrap Diary, Breath of Wind, Walking Man, Fetish Doll

20:15 Talkshow
20:50 Agata Morio mini-concert

Kura Obihachi
3-1-43 Toka machi , Yamagata City
(Travel east from Hotel Castle, cross the intersection and turn right at Oizumi Denki)
Adults 2,000 yen, students 1,500 yen
Media Arts Studies, Department of Information Design, Tohoku University of Art & Design
phone: 023-666-4480
YIDFF Organizing Committee Ofice (Yamagata Ofice)