2003-12-26 | The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (January–March)

On the second and fourth Fridays of each month the YIDFF Organizing Committee holds screenings of films which are not shown at commercial theaters, such as documentary films including the Film Library Collection films, pre-war Japanese films, masterpieces, independent works, experimental films, and animation at the 40-seat theater. Tomonokai (support) members can join the Friday Theater for free (membership fee is 1,000 yen for six months). Anyone is welcome to join the Tomonokai.

The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater

YIDFF 2003 Encore Screenings Part 2
January 9 (Friday) 14:00, 18:30 (program screens twice)
Gift of Life
Wu Yii-feng / TAIWAN / 2003 / 148 min / Runner-up Prize

YIDFF 2003 Encore Screenings Part 3
January 23 (Friday) 14:00, 18:00 (program screens twice)
Three Day War in Narita
Ogawa Shinsuke / JAPAN / 1970 / 50 min
Basal Banar—Sacred Ritual of Truth
Auraeus Solito / PALAWAN-THE PHILIPPINES / 2002 / 120 min

Family Portrait: Japan in the 1950s and 60s Part 7
February 13 (Friday) 14:00, 18:30 (program screens twice)
A Son’s Rebellion—I Understand (“Musuko no hanko—Boku wakatteru”)
Aoyama Michiharu / 1959 / 43 min
Spirited Mothers (“Takumashiki hahaoyatachi”)
Kaneko Seigo / 1959 / 48 min
Dad’s Sunday (“Oyaji no nichiyoubi”)
Kaneko Seigo / 1959 / 29 min

The seventh instalment in this series that looks back at Japan in the 1950s and 1960s through the films of the Sakura Motion Picture Co. This instalment includes a look at teenage rebellion in A Son’s Rebellion—I Understand (“Musuko no hanko—Boku wakatteru”), and regional healthcare activities in Spirited Mothers (“Takumashiki hahaoyatachi”).
Note: Dad’s Sunday (“Oyaji no nichiyoubi”) replaces Sea Lovers (“Umi no koibitotachi”)

YIDFF 2003 Encore Screenings Part 4
February 27 (Friday) 14:00, 18:30 (program screens twice)
Steve James / USA / 2002 / 145 min / The Mayor’s Prize

Stevie has been arrested for committing a serious crime, which has wide-ranging consequences for his family and fiance, and the director himself. An astounding work from the director of Hoop Dreams (YIDFF ’95 International Competition entry). Winner of the Mayor’s Prize (Prize of Excellence). Jury comments

Family Portrait: Japan in the 1950s and 60s Part 8 (Final)
March 12 (Friday) 14:00, 18:30 (program screens twice)
Little Friend (“Chiisana nakama”)
Horiuchi Masaru / 1958 / 50 min
Loving and Living (“Aisurukoto to ikirukoto”)
Kimura Sotoji / 1959 / 50 min
The Dancers and the Cameraman (“Odoriko to kameraman”)
Shibaoka Hiroshi / 1960 / 48 min

The eighth and final instalment in this series looking back on Japan in the 1950s and ’60s through the works of Sakura Films. Three feature films: Little Friend (“Chiisana nakama”), which calls for the protection of children from tuberculosis; Loving and Living (“Aisurukoto to ikirukoto”), which depicts social realities through the eyes of a 19-year-old prostitute, one year after the implementation of anti-prostitution legislation; and The Dancer and the Cameraman (“Odoriko to kameraman”), in which a cameraman searches for the dancer’s parents who were taken from her by the ravages of war.

YIDFF 2003 Encore Screenings Part 5
March 26 (Friday) 14:00, 19:00 (program screens twice)
S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
Rithy Panh / FRANCE / 2002 / 101 min / Runner-up Prize

S21 is the name of a former concentration camp for political prisoners in Cambodia. Former victims and tormentors caught up in the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge are reunited, and relive the inhumanity and cruelty of their days here. Facts that are brought to light by evidence presented here, and the vividness of the exchanges between two former adversaries transcend the 25 years that have passed. A work palpably infused with Cambodian director Rithy Panh’s strong feelings toward his country. Jury comments

[Venue] The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library (Yamagata Big Wing 3F)
[Admission] Free for Tomonokai members. (Membership fee: 1,000 yen for six months)
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (Yamagata office)