2003-07-23 | YIDFF 2003 Preliminary Event: Higashi-Otemon OKINAWA Theater

To whet your appetite for October’s YIDFF 2003, a movie screening and live performance will be held at Higashi-Otemon in Kajo Park amidst the ruins of Yamagata Castle. On the menu are Tsuru-Henry, a film infused with the music of Oshiro Misako who has been described as Okinawa’s answer to Billie Holiday, and a live performance by Tokyo-based four-piece Okinawa-style Irish folk band Zenpukujigawa. But what if it rains? Relax—it’ll all take place within the castle tower. Don’t miss out on this midsummer night’s Okinawa experience!

YIDFF 2003 Preliminary Event: Higashi-Otemon OKINAWA Theater

August 30 (Saturday)
18:30–19:20 Zenpukujigawa live performance
19:30–20:55 Tsuru-Henry screening

Tsuru-Henry Takamine Go / 1998 / 90 min

Wandering Okinawan folk singer Tsuru (Oshiro Misako) finds a screenplay hanging from a Gajumaru tree. She manages to find the writer, director Mekaru, but he has lost the motivation to make the film. Putting their singing and karate talents into action, Tsuru and her son Henry set about making the film themselves...

[Venue] Kajo Park, Higashi Otemon Main Gate
[Admission] Free
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (Yamagata office)