2003-06-12 | Seeking Volunteers for YIDFF 2003

We are seeking volunteers to work in various capacities for the YIDFF 2003, a film festival that attracts visitors from across Japan and around the world. How would you like to participate in volunteer activities, and experience the world first hand without leaving Yamagata?

Recruitment numbers:
  • Event and screening management (around 10)
  • Language Staff (around 30)
  • Venue Staff (around 80)
  • Subtitles projection (around 20)
  • Reporters and editorial staff for the Daily Bulletin (around 30)
  • Management of the Citizens’ Prize (around 10)
  • Management of the Komian Club (around 20)
  • Sign Language interpreters (around 10)

Application Deadline:
July 10 (Thursday)

Explanatory Meeting Date/Time:
July 10 (Thursday)
First meeting 14:00-15:00
Second meeting 19:30-20:30

Explanatory Meeting:
Yamagata City Hall, A03 Conference Room (in the basement of Miura Memorial Hall, across from Yamagata City Hall)

For more information, please call the Yamagata Office at 023-666-4480.

YIDFF 2003 Information: Volunteers