2000-04-10 | YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival '99 in Tokyo

April 29 - May 12, 2000

Tickets: 1,100 Yen in advance (at Box Higashinakano and Ticket Pia)
     1,300 Yen (students), 1,000Yen (over 60) at the door
     5,000 Yen for book of 5 tickets
     8,000 Yen for book of 10 tickets
For [s] films:1,700 Yen for general admission at the door

Place: Box Higashinakano
( polepole-Za BF, 1 min. walk from the West Exit of JR Higashinakano)

For details call: Box Higashinakano at 03-5389-6780

*will feature a talk before the programmed screenings

4/29 SAT
11:00- Filmmaking and the Way to the Village
12:30- Images of the Absence
14:20- Belfast, Maine
19:00- In the House of Angels

4/30 SUN
11:00- Sweep It Up, Swig It Down
12:30- Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi
14:10- The Underground Orchestra
16:20- Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
18:10- Divorce Iranian Style
19:45- Highway

5/1 MON
11:00- Full Shot /Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors
13:20- Dishes of a Afternoon Meal / Please Give Me a Job /
Our Land /A Marriage Between the Deaf and the Hearing
15:30- Accelerated Development
16:45- Living Amongst Lions
18:30-* [s]2H

5/2 TUE
11:00- Jiang Hu: Life on the Road
13:50- Tehran, the 25th Hour / Old Men
16:00- Divorce Iranian Style
17:40- Sweep It Up, Swig It Down
19:10- [s]Crazy English

5/3 WED
11:00- Two Guys Go Hunting / I Love (080)
13:10- Boys for Beauty / Swimming on the Highway
15:20- Images of the Absence
17:10- The Underground Orchestra
19:20- Metal & Melancholy

5/4 THU
11:00- Exotic 101 / Made in Philippines...
12:50- The Children of North Korea Escaped to China / Beijing Cotton-Fluffer
15:10- Living Amongst Lions
17:00- In the House of Angels
19:00- Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

5/5 FRI
11:00-* Butoh, Okura / After School /Bicycles
13:00- Belfast, Maine
17:40- Discussion
A (International Edition)

5/6 SAT
11:00- Accelerated Development
12:15- Testimony-Recording / We Shall Always Remember
14:45-* As a Scientist
16:30- Discussion
Ryoko, 21 Years Old/ Watching from Behind/ Memories of Kawamoto Teruo
18:50-* [s]The New God

5/7 SUN
11:00- Coming and Going with the Wind
13:50- Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi
15:30- Highway
16:40- Route 1 / USA

5/8 MON
11:00- Children Before the Dawn
13:20- Night and Morning Inside Myself
15:20- Living Amongst Lions
17:00- Divorce Iranian Style
18:40- The Bridge / The Seine Meets Paris / A Tale of the Wind

5/9 TUE
11:00- Yanagisawa Hisao's Short Films
13:15- Accelerated Development
14:30- Belfast, Maine
19:10- [s]State of Dogs

5/10 THU
11:00- The Crossroad Street
12:50- Stubborn Dreams
14:40- Highway
15:50- Sweep It Up, Swig It Down
17:20- Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr
19:10- [s]Annyong-Kimchi

5/11 FRI
11:00- Black Harvest
12:50- Choice and Destiny
15:10- Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi
16:50- In the House of Angeles
18:50- The Underground Orchestra

5/12 SAT
11:00- Filmmaking and the Way to the Village
12:15- Fragments Jerusalem
19:00- Images of the Absence

======= Opening Screening ===========

Filmmaking and the Way to the Village
Japan/Japanese with English sub./1973/54 min./16mm /Dirctor: Fukuda Katsuhiko

======= International Competition '99 ==========

Accelerated Development-In the Idiom of Santiago Alvarez
USA/English, Spanish with English sub./1999/56min./16mm/Dir: Travis Wilkerson
Belfast, Maine
USA/English/1999/248min/16mm/Dir: Frederick Wiseman
Crazy English
China/Mandarin Chinese, English/1999/90min./35mm/Dir: Zhang Yuan
Divorce Iranian Style
UK, Iran/English, Persian with English sub./1998/80min./16mm/Dir: Kim Loginotto, Ziba Mir-Hossein
Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi
Israel/Hebrew, Arabic, English with English sub./1999/77min./16mm/Dir: Avi Mograbi
France, Germany/Kazakh with English sub./1999/54min./35mm/ Dir: Sergei Dvortsevoy
Images of the Absence
Germany/Spanish with English sub./1998/89min./16mm/Dir: German Kral
In the House of Angels
Norway/Norwegian with English sub./1998/97min./Dir: Margreth Olin
Living Amongst Lions
Norway/Norwegian with English sub./1998/83min./35mm/Dir: Sigve Endresen
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
USA/English/1999/100min./35mm/Dir: Errol Morris
Sweep It Up, Swig It Down
Germany/German with English sub./1997/70min/35mm/Dir: Gerd Kroske
Japan/Japanese, Chinese/1998/120min./35mm/Dir: Li Ying
The Underground Orchestra
The Netherlands/French, Rumanian, Spanish with English sub./ 1997/108min/35mm/Dir: Heddy Honigmann

======= World Special Program'99 ========

AThe International Edition-
Japan/Japanese with English sub./1998/136min./16mm/Dir: Mori Tatsuya
A Secret Buried for Fifty Years-the Story of Taiwanese "Comfort Women"
Taiwan/Taiwanese, Ha-kaDialogue/1998/Video/Dir: Yang Chia-yun
State of Dogs
Belgium, Mongolia/Mongolian/1998/91min./35mm/Dir: Peter Brosens, Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh

======= New Asian Currents '99 =========

After School /Bicycles
Japan/Japanese with English sub./1998, 1999/20 min., 30min./16mm/
Dir: Kobayashi Shigeru
Japan/Japanese, Korean with English sub./1999/52min./Video/Dir: Matsue Tetsuaki
Beijing Cotton-Fluffer
China/Chinese with Eglish sub./1999/78min./Video/Dir: Zhu Chuan-ming
Boys for Beauty
Taiwan/Taiwanese with English sub./1998/63min./Video/Dir: Mickey Chen
The Children of North Korea Escaped to China
Korea/Korean with Eglish sub./1999/35min./Video/Dir: Byun Jae-sung
Exotic 101
Thailand/English/1997/7min./Video/Dir: Michael Shaowanasai
I Love (080)
Taiwan/Chinese with English sub. /1999 /58min./Video/ Dir: Yang Li-zhou
Jiang Hu: Life on the Road
China/Chinese with English sub./1999/150min./Video/Dir: Wu Wenguang
Made in the Philippines... To Fukuoka with Love
Philippines/Filipino, Japanese, English with English sub./1999/84 min./ Video/Dir: Ditsi Carolino, Sadhana Buxani
The New God
Japan/Japanese with English sub./1999/99min./Video/Dir: Tsuchiya Yutaka
Old Men
China/Chinese with English sub./1999/94min./Video/Dir: Lina Yang Tian-yi
Swimming on the Highway
Taiwan/Chinese with English sub./1998/49min./Video/Dir: Wu Yao-tung
Tehran, the 25th Hour
Iran/Persian/1999/20min./Video/Dir: Seifollah Samadian
Two Guys Go Hunting
Taiwan/Taiwanese, Mandarin with English sub./ 1998/49min./Video/ Dir: Christropher Chen
 New Asian Currents '99 Special Program
 Full Shot (Taiwan) Spreading the Filmmaking Movement
Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors
Tawian/Taiwanese/1996/90min./Video/Dir: Wu Yii-feng
Dishes of an Afternoon Meal
Taiwan/Mandarin Chinese, Tau/1997/31min./ Video/Dir: Huang Chi-mao
A Marriage Between the Deaf and the Hearing
Taiwan/1997/18min./Video/Dir: Chen Mei-lin
Our Land
Taiwan/Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese/1999/ 22min./Video/Dir: Chiang Chi-fang
Please Give Me a Job
Taiwan/Mandarin Chinese, Tayal/1997/35min./ Video/Dir: Yang Ming-hui
Video Introducing Full Shot
 New Asian Currents '99 VIDEO ACT!
As a Scientist
Japan/Japanese/1999/84min./Dir: Honda Takayoshi
A Memories of Kawamoto Teruo
Japan/Japanese/1999/42min./Tsuchimoto Noriaki
Testimony-Recording: Practical Guide for Video-Shooting by Video Juku
Japan/Japanese/1998/17 min./Video
Ryoko, 21 Years Old
Japan/Japanese/1998/9 min./Video/Dir: Tsuchiya Yutaka
Watching from Behind
We Shall Always Remember : Triburte to Kang Deuk-kyung Halmoni
Japan/Japanese, Korean/1997/16min./Video

======= Japanese Panorama '99 =======

Butoh, Okura
Japan/Japanese/1999/35min./16mm/Dir: Suzuki Toshiaki

======= Yanagisawa Hisao Retrospecitve from YIDFF '99 ========

Children Before the Dawn
Night and Morning Inside Myself
Coming and Going with the Wind
Yanagisawa Hisaońs Short Films
The Mt. Fuji Observatory
A Mine in Hida
Somewhere It's Spring

======= Kaze-A Joris Ivens Retropsective from YIDFF '99 =======

The Bridge
The Seine Meets Paris
1957/French/32 min./35mm
A Tale of the Wind
1988/French, Chinese/78min./35mm

======= From Past YIDFFs =======

The Crossroad Street
USSR/Latvian/1988/95min./35mm/Dir: Ivars Seleckis
Route One/USA
France/English/1989/255min./35mm/Dir: Robert Kramer
Stubborn Dreams
Hungary/Hungarian/1989/93min./16mm/Dir: Bela Szobolits
Black Harvest
Asutralia/English, Pidgin, Temboka/1992 /90min./ 16mm/ Dir: Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson
Choice and Destiny
Israel/Yiddish/1993/118min./16mm/Dir: Tsipi Reibenbach
Fragments Jerusalem
Israel/English, Hebrew/1997/358min./16mm/Dir: Ron Havilio

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