Inside Mind
JAPAN / 1999/ Japanese with English subtitles / Color / Video (Orig.16mm)/ 89min

Director, Photography, Script, Music: Oki Hiroyuki
Music: Richie Beirach, Mal Waldron, Takezaki Kazumasa
Cast: Abe Kimihiko, Kawamura Itsuhaku
Production Company: Rikako Company
Source: Stance Company
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Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
Phone: 81-3-3839-0981/ Fax: 81-3-3839-0982
E-mail: info@stance.co.jp

Oki Hiroyuki

Born Tokyo in 1964. Has lived in Kochi since 1991. Swimming Prohibited (1989) won the Special Judge's Award at the Image Forum Festival 1990. Tarch Trip (1993), I Like You, I Like You Very Much (1994), Heaven-6-Box (1996) and 3+1 (1997), screened in competition at YIDFF '97, are some of the films invited to international film festivals. From the artful to the pornographic, he has produced original images with exceptional individuality.

By superimposing numerous images onto scenes of two boys on a beach, this film expresses a very complex self. Through this film, the act of peeking into someone's mind becomes a comfort that envelopes the heart like the floating rhythm of a dream, or Oki's live beat. We will be interested to know what kind of change of heart Oki may have had. Compared with his earlier films, this one uses many more images of women. - Masuya Shuichi

Director's Statement
I made this film from various kinds of content, connections, and kinds of materials I filmed between May 7, 1997 and May 6, 1998. At the same time, to forge a link with real time, during editing I improvise like a DJ, compiling "inside mind" and "outside mind" aiming to shape a total vision of the moment and piling up versions of the film.
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