Festival Venues

Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F 600 seats Opening Ceremony, International Competition, Juror’s Films, Special Invitation Films, Awards Ceremony, and more
Yamagata Citizens’Hall (Large Hall) 1,202 seats International Competition, Juror’s Films, and more
Yamagata Citizens’Hall (Small Hall) 300 seats Noda Shinkichi Retrospective, Double Shadows, Cinema with Us, Yamagata and Film, Film Letter to the Future, Special Invitation Films, Juror’s Films
Forum 5 200 seats New Asian Currents, Perspectives Japan, Juror’s Films, and more
Forum 3 162 seats New Asian Currents, Cinema with Us, Taiwan Docs Inside Out, Juror’s Films
Forum 2 40 seats View People View Cities, Cinema with Us, Yamagata and Film
Yamagata Creative
City Center Q1 (2F)
30 seats View People View Cities, Yamagata Rough Cut!, Taiwan Docs Inside Out
  • Yamagata Central Public Hall, Yamagata Citizens’ Hall, Forum Yamagata, Q1 and Yamagin Prefectural Hall are equipped with handicapped-accessible restrooms.
    Those accompanying audience members carrying a certificate of physical or mental disability (shogaisha techo or ryoiku techo) may purchase same day tickets at the advance price of ¥1,300.
  • Festival-goers attending screenings at Forum Yamagata can use the cinema parking lot for up to 4 hours for 200 yen.

Information Desks

Your gateway to the festival at Yamagata Central Public Hall (the AZ building) main entrance and Yamagata Station.

New Komian Club

A gathering place for festival guests and fans. This traditional Japanese restaurant will be the spot to socialize during festival evenings. All are welcome!

[Date] October 6 (Fri)–9 (Mon) 21:00–24:00
[Place] Sanjusangendo (Yamagata Nanokamachi Washington Hotel 2F)
[Admission] 500 yen (includes one drink and snacks)

Childcare Information

[Childcare Availability] October 6 (Fri)–11 (Wed) 9:00–16:30
[Place] N-GATE 1F
[Cost] 500 yen for the first hour, 250 yen for each additional half-hour (Limit: 7 and a half hours on October 6,10,11; 4 hours on October 7–9)
[Ages] 6 months to preschool (6 years)

  • Advance registration and reservation are required. Contact us for details.
    phone: 023-615-1930 (Kosodate-Land Ahbe)