A Movie Capital

(Eiga no miyako)

- JAPAN / 1991 / Japanese / Color / Digital File (Original: 16mm) / 98 min

Director: Iizuka Toshio
Photography: Otsu Koshiro, Kato Takanobu
Editing: Ogawa Shinsuke, Tamura Masaki, Iizuka Toshio, Kuribayashi Masashi
Sound: Asanuma Koichi
Production Assistant: Masuya Shuichi
Producer: Fuseya Hiroo
Production Company: Ogawa Productions
Source: YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library

A filmed record of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival ’89, held from October 10 to 15 of 1989. Filming started to document the preparations for the festival, and the film was then assembled mainly from interviews with festival participants who came to Yamagata from around the world as well as fragments of relevant film and media footage. 1989 was the year of the Tiananmen Square Incident and the fall of the Berlin Wall, and this film not only documents the festival itself, but also richly reflects the spirit of the times. Edited by Ogawa Shinsuke and colleagues.

Iizuka Toshio

A member of Ogawa Productions for more than twenty years, beginning in the late 1960s. He served as assistant director on Ogawa Shinsuke’s last two films before making his own films as director. His major films include The Sound of Tiny Wings (1992), the “Jomon” trilogy (1995–99), and The Travels of Sugae Masumi (2002).