1. Taiwan Seen Through Film History

-The Moment

TAIWAN / 2014 / Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 113 min
Director: Yang Li-chou

Produced to celebrate fifty years of the Golden Horse Awards, one of the main film awards ceremonies for Chinese language communities. Alongside a glittering kaleidoscope of famous directors and stars, personal memories told by ordinary Taiwanese people give testimony to five decades of Taiwan history.

2. Young Soul Searching

-Hard Good Life

TAIWAN / 2003 / Chinese / Color / DVCAM / 43 min
Director: Hsu Hui-ju
* Award of Excellence at YIDFF 2003 New Asian Currents

The student director films her elderly father’s everyday life. Going through his daily chores, he doesn’t say much, but there’s a love for life and a sense of warmth between the two.

-The Spirit of 8

TAIWAN / 2003 / Chinese / Color / DVCAM / 60 min
Director: Li Chia-hua
* Special Mention at YIDFF 2005 New Asian Currents

Unable to forget the wounds of his childhood at the age of twenty-five, the filmmaker takes up his camera to come to terms with a gnawing self-hate.

3. Side by Side with Disability

-A Rolling Stone

TAIWAN / 2013 / Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 54 min
Director: Shen Ko-shang
* Grand Prize at the 2013 Taipei Film Awards

For a single father, the days with his autistic thirty-year-old son are like pushing a heavy stone up a hill only to see it roll back down. Nevertheless he looks for that moment of connection amidst his daily grind of work and chores.

4. Being a Woman—Gender and Sexuality


TAIWAN / 2001 / Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 66 min
Director: Zero Chou, Hoho Liu
* Jury Award at the 2002 Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Corner’s is a bar where LGBT men and women can take off their masks of pretense and feel free to be who they are. The film’s illusory imagery reflects the solitude and desires of those who lie low in fear of discrimination.