My No-Mercy Home

- KOREA / 2013 / Korean / Color / Blu-ray / 75 min

Director, Script, Editing, Narration: Aori
Photography: Aori, z’nbug
Sound: Lee Sung-Joon
Music: Choi Gyung-hoon (SLOW FUZZ)
Production Design: Kim Ji-hye
Producers: Ji-min, Eee-un
World Sales: CinemaDAL www.cinemadal.com

Dolphin, who approached the director with her story, was sexually abused by her father when she was in middle school. Opposition from her mother and relatives trying to protect her father makes her almost give up, but Dolphin takes legal action against him despite her family’s resistance. Her aim is not only to protect the two younger sisters still living with their family, but in particular to reclaim her own sense of self. She somehow continues her studies, supporting herself financially. With the help of the director and a support group for victims of sexual abuse, Dolphin takes the witness stand.

[Director’s Statement] In our society, family has been a sanctuary into which intervention in various problems is forbidden, including that of domestic violence. The unnecessarily powerful rights given to the patriarchs have resulted in this problematic system, where even the basic steps to solve problems can hardly be taken. A patriarchal family is a small kingdom ruled by the patriarch. This movie intends to suggest its own meaningful answer to the question of what causes sexual abuse in a family and why it can’t be stopped, and fixed by law enforcement.

- Aori

While working as an assistant music video director, Aori watched Buena Vista Social Club and fell in love with music documentary. Since she completed the course in independent documentary production at MediACT, she has been on the path to becoming a human being, through making documentaries about women’s rights.