Workshop / Symposium

Film Appreciation Workshop
What are some ways of sharing what you feel with other people?

Online film appreciation workshop for high school and college students. We will view the film, Young Solitude, about the anxieties and worries of French kids in their second year of high school. Attendees’ understanding of the film will be deepened through discussions of the director’s perspective and technique. We hope to help them discover new ways of appreciating a film.

Oct. 10th (Sun) 13:30–15:10
Dohi Etsuko (Children Meet Cinema®)
Tsuchida Tamaki (Coordinator, Film Letter to the Future)

Dohi Estuko
President of Cinemonde and representative of Children Meet Cinema®. Joining Eurospace in 1989 in the middle of the art house boom, she was in charge of purchasing and promoting works by Abbas Kiarostami and Leos Carax. In 1998, she opened the movie theater Cinemonde in Kanazawa, Japan. In 2004, she launched Children Meet Cinema®, which has been active nationwide ever since.

Film Festival and Film Appreciation Program

The number of filmmaking workshops and animation film screenings for elementary school students has gradually increased in Japan, but there has been little effort to encourage high school and college students to think about films they have watched. This issue and ways to approach it will be discussed.

Christophe Postic (Co-artistic Director of Lussas International Documentary Film Festival, France)
Artchil Khetagouri (Director of CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival, Georgia)
Ileana Stanculescu (Coordinator of CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival)
Suwa Nobuhiro (Film director, Japan)
Tsuchida Tamaki (Coordinator, Film Letter to the Future)
Oct. 10th (Sun) 20:00–22:00 *Streamed Online
English, Japanese, French
English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation
French-Japanese consecutive interpretation

- Christophe Postic (Co-artistic Director of Lussas International Documentary Film Festival)
Has worked as an expert researcher for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a lecturer at a programming workshop held at La Santé prison in Paris. Since 2002, he has been the co-artistic director of the Lussas International Documentary Film Festival (États généraux du film documentaire). For twelve years, he has been a trainer of documentary scriptwriting workshops in Kazakhstan and Siberia. He is a member of the editorial team of the French documentary SVOD site Tënk in the selection of the films.

- Artchil Khetagouri (Festival Director of CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival)
Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied at the Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. His graduation film Heritage (2003) premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. In 2006, he returned to Georgia and released his documentary Akhmeteli 4, which was awarded the Prix Regards Neufs at Visions du Réel. His film Noosgera was screened at film festivals throughout Europe, including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Apart from being a documentary filmmaker, he holds film production workshops in places such as Aarhus, Amsterdam and Tbilisi.

- Ileana Stanculescu (Festival Coordinator of CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival)
Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. Studied at the film academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany. Her first feature documentary: Podul pesteTisa (2004) won the Best First Appearance Award at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam in 2004. Later on she produced two documentaries: Akhmeteli 4 (2006) and Satul sosetelor (2006), the latter of which she also directed. Satul sosetelor was nominated for the VPRO Joris Ivens Award in Amsterdam (IDFA) and won the British Council Award for Best Romanian Documentary. She coordinates international documentary workshops, engages in a variety of film-related activities in the South Caucasus, and is a judge at European film festivals such as IDFA and MakeDox.

- Suwa Nobuhiro (Filmmaker, Professor at Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Born in Hiroshima in 1960. His first feature film 2/Duo (1997) gained the NETPAC (Best Asian Film) Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. In 1999, M / OTHER was exhibited at Cannes International Film Festival Director’s Fortnight where he won the International Film Critics Award. Other works include H Story (2001), A Perfect Couple (2005, Locarno International Film Festival Special Jury Prize), and Yuki and Nina (2009). In 2017, he released The Lion Sleeps Tonight starring Jean-Pierre Leaux. In 2020, Voices in the Wind was screened at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival Generation 14 Plus category and won the International Jury Prize. Currently, he is also active as a member of SAVE the CINEMA, which supports art theaters in crisis because of COVID-19.