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Interview at Clean Center

(18k) Production Company: Ogawa Productions
Planning: Kaminoyama City Public Health Section
Producer: Iizuka Toshio
Director: Ogawa Shinsuke
Photography: Okumura Yuji
Camera Assistant: Hara Tadashi
Transcription: Hayashi Tetsuji
Sound: Kubota Yukio
Assistant Editor: Mikado Sadatoshi
Editing Assistance: Fukuda Katsuhiko.
1975 / B? / 16mm / 57 min

After finishing the Sanrizuka series, Ogawa Shinsuke toured the country screening those films. One of the areas he visited was Yamagata prefecture. He stayed in Yamagata temporarily in order to make a publicity film for the garbage disposal facility "Clean Center" established by the Public Health Section of Kaminoyama City. However, in addition to detailing the incineration system itself, Ogawa ventures to touch on such problems as the pollution caused by burning garbage that hasn't been properly separated at the Clean Center. He also films a kind of opinion poll of the people who work at the incinerator and the farmers who work part time collecting garbage. Ogawa appears as an interviewer in this film and it becomes clear through his friendly conversations with various workers that the film is constructed out of indepth personal interviews. This can also be gleaned from the many shots of open and smiling faces. It was during the shooting of this film, with the help of poet Kimura Michio, who was working as a garbage collector, that Ogawa and his group settled in Magino. In this sense Ogawa both chose Magino and was chosen by Magino to put to work his progressive practice of filmmaking together with manual labor.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee