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Memory of the Soil


Director : Shiozaki Toshiko
Photograph, Sound : Lynne Ramsay, Shiozaki Toshiko
Editing : Sotira Kyriacou
Music : Simon Whiteside
Sound designer : Gagik Karagheuzian
Producer : Shiozaki Toshiko, Matsumoto Ichiro
Beaconsfield Studios, Station Road Beaconsfield,
Bucks. HP9 1LG UK
or: Shiozaki Tshiko
7-5-18 Ryoke, Urawa, Saitama 336-0901 JAPAN
Phone: 81-48-831-7723 / Fax: 81-48-831-7771

UK / 1996 / Japanese / Color / 16mm / 47 min

Shiozaki Toshiko

日本生まれ。武蔵野美術大学デザイン科卒。歴史番組のADとして仕事を始め、後に日本のテレビ向けのドキュメンタリーや子供番組のディレクターを務める。1992年からイギリスの国立映画テレビ学校でドキュメンタリー映画を撮り始める。彼女の卒業制作である『土の記憶』はハワイ映画祭等数々の国際映画祭にて上映。シカゴ国際映画祭'97では学生ドキュメンタリー部門優秀賞を受賞。他の作品には『Captain Singh』(96)がある。

Born in Japan. Graduated in Design from Musashino College of Art. Started work as assistant director for a weekly history TV series. Later worked as director on documentaries and children's programs for Japanese TV. Began making documentary films in 1992 at the National Film and Television School in England. Memory of the Soil which is her graduation film screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival '97 as well as awarded certicate of Merit in the Students Documentary Section at Chicago International Film Festival. Filmography includes Captain Singh (96).


甲府に移り住み、石や土に対する愛情をインスタレーションや陶芸作品に込める2人のアーチストの姿を映したドキュメンタリー。石や土の持つ記憶、色彩や素材感に新しい「日本らしさ」を見いだし、小世界に再現する試みを、日本人監督が静かな魅力で描く。 An unpretentious documentary centering on the lives of two conceptual artists and potters in Kofu, Japan. The film shows them as they shape and fire clay pots, search for sacred round stones, collect soil samples for their exhibits, and hunt for ancient pottery fragments in a nearby field. By the end, the viewers too will be fascinated by the soil's long memory, its traces of life and culture, its myriad colors and textures.





Director's Statement

Memory of the Soil is my graduation film from the National Film and Television School in England where I had been studying under a scholarship since 1992. I began the project, inspired by the two Japanese artists Kurita Koichi and Kazuko residing in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, who have been friends of mine for over ten years.

In this film, I attempted to visually express mainly ' concepts ' and ' sensations ' such as " beauty of the soil between the feet, " " the texture of a touch, " and " air, " in collaboration with the Kurita couple. The two artists are incessantly searching for universal themes through their lifestyle and their work, and constantly embarking on a journey to self-revelation. I hope the audience will be able to join this journey through watching the film, and be reminded of their own five senses.

Thanks to the British members of my staff who love this film as much as myself, this film became larger in scope than I had expected. As a next film I 'd like to launch Memory of the Soil Part 2 as a road-movie, following the artists ' soil-collecting travels around Japan. Also currently directing a documentary on Korean female performance artist and developing a project about stones and the mystery of energy in the land. I hope to continue delving into simple but everlasting themes through visual arts.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee