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Chen Tsi-gen and His Neighbors



Director, Producer : Wu Yii-feng
Script : Guo Shiaw-yun
Photography : Chan Chao-cheng, Yang Chorng-ming, Lee Jong-wang
Editing : Lee Ya-fen
Production Company Source :
Full Shot Film / Video Studio
P.O.Box 99-207 Taipei, TAIWAN
Phone: 886-2-7594856
Fax: 886-2-7594857
TAIWAN / 1996 / Chinese / Color
Video / 90 min

Wu Yii-feng


Born in Yi-lan, Taiwan in 1960. Studied theater at university. Began making documentaries after graduation, becoming mutually acquainted with the subjects of his films, learning important lessons about life and strengthening his awareness of creative work. During 8 years of documentary filmmaking, he always supported social minorities. Believing that he should take film production back to the actual place where people live, he is now actively involved in many areas of Taiwan, working to train documentarists. Major works include: Light of the Human Heart series, Moon Children, among others.


かつて国民党の中国大陸からの撤退にともない台湾へ渡った7人の老人たちの今の暮らしを記録。時間をかけてきさくな関係を築いた監督は、それぞれに異なる老人たちの事情と心のうちを巧みに引き出している。91年に上映された『月の子どもたち』以降、台湾各地で映像ワークショップを開催してきた呉乙峰の新作。 CurrentsThis film presents the lives of seven old men who crossed over to Taiwan from the mainland with the Nationalist Army. Now living in shanty huts scheduled to become part of a redevelopment block, they are visited by Wu Yii-feng (Moon Children was screened at YIDFF 91). Through casual and open interviews conducted over a period of time, the filmmaker reveals each old man's life story, how the war twisted their fates, and hidden yearnings for their lost connection with the mainland.





Director's Statement

Over the course of one and a half years of filming seven old men in a disordered wooden room, I underwent some life-changing experiences that will stay in my heart forever.

Those seven old men had been caught up in the Japanese invasion of China during World War II and the Chinese civil war after it, and had come from the mainland to Taiwan. By getting close to their everyday life I was able to hear the voice of their innermost heart. I felt deeply their experiences of being forced to leave their home towns in the middle of the chaos of war, unable even to exchange farewells with their dearest friends, and unable through over 40 years of suffering and hope, to make contact. I hope that we are able to feel the cruelty of war when the old men in this documentary talk of their love for their extended families, their friends, and their lovers from days gone by, recalled with a mixture of nostalgia and resignation.

I think that to people like me, members of a generation with no experience of the war, these life experiences are both hard to endure and yet extremely valuable. I hope that many people are able to see this film and come to understand the old men's experiences.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee